Tillamook Air Museum

110,592 point Helvetica

This hanger is 192 feet tall. Let’s guesstimate that the words “Air Museum” are roughly 2/3’s of that height (given that they’re set on a curve and likely appear smaller than actual size). That puts each character at roughly 128 feet tall. Converted to inches, that’s 1536 inches. Converted to points, “Air Museum” is set to 110,592 point Helvetica.   (Posted …

eli fleming110,592 point Helvetica
Fortress of Suomenlinna - 2005

Fortress of Suomenlinna – Finland – 2005

So I was thinking… it ‘d be fun to post some old pics and backdate the posts to the actual date (if exif data exists) to create a richer timeline of posts on the site. Here’s number one from back in 2005 when my wife and I undertook a 7 week backpacking tour across Europe. This pic was taken the …

eli flemingFortress of Suomenlinna – Finland – 2005